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I arrived in the UK  in May 2010 on a Virgin Airlines Flight, with my gorgeous babies, a few battered suitcases and a broken heart!

All our dreams and aspirations came to a bloody and abrupt halt due to the violent political upheavals in Zimbabwe and we lost everything – our business, lovely home , beloved pets and incomparable lifestyle.

My working career has been pretty diversified. I started out as an accountant, then got into marketing as a result of launching my own international modeling agency alongside a corporate events/training company. I later sold that business when I moved out to a small but vibrant farming community of Mvurwi, where I met my husband Rory. I worked in retail for a number of years where I headed eight large supermarkets, nine hardware stores and a buying services in the corporate world. During this period I also became a part time freelance writer and had my own column in a monthly magazine, until we left Zimbabwe. I also used to write the occasional article for the Scotsman Newspaper on our personal experiences during the political violence.

I eventually joined my husband to assist him in our Agriculture business we worked at very successfully, until the Land Invasions and political upheavals. We then spent a couple of years in a country called Zambia, during which time I studied and qualified as an ISSA certified Fitness Trainer and embarked on my Associate Degree in Fitness and Nutrition.

By June 2010,  I was working for an insurance company. They dangled the proverbial carrot and offered me an more than the I could get in my £35/hr level in the fitness industry. I was marketing health care/accident policies for a company whose client portfolio were predominantly sporting personalities and teams. I eventually concluded that I NEEDED to be in control of my own destiny. If I was going to make my mark on my new world and provide my family with a lifestyle that I could take pride in, I would need to position myself in an industry, where all my skills and talents, could be brought to the fore – Online marketing and mentoring gives me many hours of satisfaction. I have a few business models all of which provide immense quality and value to peoples lives – perpetual income and a lifestyle only dreamed of by most people.

My choices proved to be invaluable as recently my 39 year old husband Rory suffered a stroke and in order for me to have the freedom to make a living AND be there at his side while he fights the debilitating symptoms. My life experiences have taught me to be strong and survive whatever curved balls life throws my way.

I became very involved in the political campaigning against the evil Robert Mugabe and had some very terrifying moments during the 2002 presidential elections which were so blatantly rigged and deplorable. Our lives were threatened, guns pointed in our faces and in spite of massive intimidation and violence, I gained some inner strength from “somewhere”. This enabled me to stand against the tyranny being perpetuated! I have faced the most terrible evil and I managed to stand tall and defy the odds by making sure the world knew what was going on. I still stand out and say what I feel is wrong.

I have always invested 110% of my efforts into everything I do and I really hope that I can help inspire others to achieve incredible results and success in life and to not only pursue, but complete and fulfill your dreams!

Amanda Robertson

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